Ultimate Pest and Termite Control can offer you a professional state of the art termite inspection in the Wollongong Illawarra region. Our termite inspectors are fully qualified as any termite work is not part of a standard pest licence and requires additional training. Most people who have had a termite inspection done before would be familiar with inspectors going around their house tapping the walls and using a moisture meter, while this is an acceptable practice in the industry we at Ultimate Pest and Termite Control like to offer our customers the option of having a more accurate termite inspection. The way we do this is with the use of our Thermal Camera and Termatrac machine.

A Thermal Camera gives us a picture of the whole exposed wall or ceiling and not just the area a moisture meter is scanned over or limited too. You should note that not all thermal cameras are the same as you could imagine there are different levels. Our camera has a resolution of 320X240 which gives us over 70,000 measuring points on the screen compared to some that may only have 15,000. The benefit of this is that it gives us a more accurate picture to pick up any problems.

A Termatrac machine has 3 functions, thermal laser pointer, moisture meter and radar which it is most known for. The way it works is by emitting a microwave radar which penetrates through timber or plaster board in areas scanned. If there is any movement in behind the area scanned it will inform us on our hand held device. If movement is detected a more invasive inspection may be recommended. A Termatrac is particularly beneficial on concrete slab houses as termite entry points are usually covered by paths, gardens or lawn on this style of building and if this is the case then the next spot an inspector can see activity would be in the roof void which may have insulation in it once again restricting visual sightings.

The current version of the Australian Standards 3660.2 recommends the use of this equipment prior to doing an invasive inspection when a high moisture reading has been detected.

At the end of the day we have this equipment to do a better inspection which is only going to benefit you. While there may be a small additional cost at the end of the day our inspection may be twice as accurate as our competitors. So if you are in the Wollongong Illawarra region and need a termite inspection give us a call today so we can give you the right advice for you to get the job done the best possible way.