Ultimate Pest and Termite Control aims to offer you a professional friendly pest and termite control experience for your home. If you live in the Wollongong Illawarra region give us a call today, our fully qualified technicians may not be far away.

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Do you have reason to suspect you might need termite inspections in Wollongong? Of the many pests that can affect Australian homes, termites are some of the most frustrating — you rarely see them, but the damage they do can accumulate and cause problems for years. Removing them isn’t as simple as spraying some insecticide, either. At Ultimate Pest and Termite Control, we understand these frustrations common to many homeowners. With our experience and help from the cutting edge Termatrac system and Thermal camera, securing a cost-effective solution is much easier for homeowners.

A Thermal Camera gives us a picture of the whole exposed wall or ceiling and not just the area a moisture meter is scanned over or limited too. You should note that not all thermal cameras are the same as you could imagine there are different levels. Our camera has a resolution of 320X240 which gives us over 70,000 measuring points on the screen compared to some that may only have 15,000. The benefit of this is that it gives us a more accurate picture to pick up any problems.