At Ultimate Pest and Termite Control we try to give you options on the best possible way to treat your termites. In our experience we have not found generic products as effective as the original and that is all we use as we want to know that if you follow our advice the job will get done properly. It is very rare that we recommend termite dusting as we have found that this is not always as effective as people believe and it is possible that the termites pop up somewhere else a few months later and as you can imagine arsenic is not a safe product for you or us to be around. The best way to eradicate a termite colony in our opinion is to bait the colony. This is a very safe non toxic product that the termites feed on and take back to the nest to feed the rest of the colony. From here termite monitoring stations may be placed around the property and regularly checked for signs of termites which will then get baited again ideally prior to them getting in the house. 

This system is very effective on buildings that cannot have a chemical treatment option. Your benefit of doing a ground chemical treatment is that it can be very cost effective if you work out the cost over the life expectancy of the chemical. When treating active termite we only use what is referred to as non repellent chemicals and there are 3 products on the market that you are able to choose between

Depending on your preference and budget and they are Termidor, Premise and Altriset, please note that the first two products do have cheaper generics but we do not use them.

Termidor has been tried and tested in Australia for over ten years and has a life expectancy of 8 years, we have found this product to be most effective when treating termites.

Premise is your cheapest chemical that we use however it does have a life expectancy of 5 years, it also has been used in Australia for over ten years.

Altriset is the most recent product to be released while it has been trialled in Australia since about 2008 and released a few years later it was very expensive and due to a short trail period the tested life expectancy was only short. However the price has now come down and the life expectancy has been extended to 5 years with hope for it to be longer as the trials extend, now making it more saleable. The benefit of this product is that it is not registered as a dangerous chemical and is considered non toxic.

So if you have active termites give us a call today and we can get a technician out at your place to give you a free quote and discuss your options.